Growing up was rough FlavourHigh life musician, Flavour N’abania’s mother says she’s extremely proud of her son’s success.

During an edition of the on-going Supermom reality TV show, Mrs Onyinyechukwu Jane Okorie said she initially kicked against his career choice, wanting him to become a medical doctor. She said that doing music then involved a lot of ugly things which she didn’t want her first child to be a part of.

‘Those days, nobody wanted their child to become a musician because they used to drink and they were wayward people. I did not want that for my child. More so, even if he wanted to do music, I said it should not be outside the church but I didn’t reckon with what God had in store for him’, flavour’s mum revealed.

The high life singer corroborated his mother’s story, adding that growing up was rough for him and his four siblings since his mother’s meagre salary as a civil servant was all they depended on. He said they often skipped meals and even hawked pure water on the streets of Enugu at one point, until his success with his musical career.

Flavour said it was his determination to prove his mother wrong that spurred him on. ‘I saw my mum as my biggest challenge and I was ready to prove her wrong’.

Flavour, who started his career drumming at age 13, has released two albums and has a few awards to his credit.

Growing up was rough Flavour

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