ZubillioNaire – God Made Man (Remix) ft. HarrySong

zubillionaire-god-made-man-remix-ft-harrysongZubillioNaire is an On Air Personality on the Rhythm FM platform.

He started off as a music producer/beat maker before going in fully into Broadcasting in the city of Port Harcourt, Rivers State.

God Made Man was inspired by the recent surge in the “I WANT TO HAMMER SYNDROME” witnessed amongst many people. It was inspired as a voice of reason, to speak out against the desire to get rich overnight. It hopes to instill the needful virtues of true success.

There’s nothing wrong with desiring to be successful, but one shouldn’t lose his soul to achieve it, ZubillioNaire portrays on this track.

HarrySong came through highlighting the need for hard work and for people to TRSUT in GOD. Saying he likes money, but would never jeopardize himself and wouldn’t want others to chase money to their utter detriment.

The piece was produced by Dr. Roy, an outstanding music producer and prominent among his peers.

Expect more solid tracks from ZubillioNaire, who has opted to stay positive with his music simply because he believes the world is already facing too much trouble, why not preach peace and love instead of hate and war.


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