Their hands entwined together, chattering and laughing as they walk down the street. They recently got married a month ago and were enjoying the honeymoon stage of their marriage. Neighbors peeping through their windows as they passed, eyes filled with jealousy , some with admiration, some with intense dislike. Even the little children paused from their game of “Suwe” to observe them, wishing in their little minds to one day have a relationship like that of Jummy and Chris.

They met in church, “Sister Jummy” as she is fondly called  in church, a petite lady with flawless dark skin, the two holes in her cheeks pops out not only when laughing, also when she talks. A chorister who sings with an angelic voice that makes Lucifer himself to be green with envy. “Bro Chris” a Sunday school teacher, his husky baritone voice always ministering the word of God in a soothing tone,  his usual response to everybody’s greeting is “God bless you”, he is always in church on time, helping out in doing the work of God. To top it off, Bro Chris is handsome, an Adonis, he has the height of a model, his fair complexion gave him the nickname “African Oyinbo” his white sparkling teeth, the perfect type for Close-Up advertisement. 98% of the girls in church were only there because of Bro Chris, all hoping to get married to him. Even after he got married to Jummy, few still stayed in the church, hoping to be his mistress.NOT ALL THAT GLITTERS

Sister Jummy said the lord told Bro Chris that she was his wife, who was she to question God? besides He chose him for her, God has been so good to her. Two years after graduating from the university, she got a good job in a well known company and was given an official car, she even got an apartment on the island, to top everything, God sent the “Perfect man” to her. He is a romantic type, always sending gifts, love text messages when she is at work, midnight calls were not even exempted, they would talk for hours, he was indeed the “Perfect man”. Few weeks after the proposal, she told her friend on their way back from the choir rehearsal “there is no need to pray or confirm from God, if he is the one or not, bro Chris already has all the qualities she wants in a man.

“No, you are not going anywhere, you promised to give me the money today” Sister Jummy, now known as mummy John said as she held on to the front of his shirt. “Woman, you are trying my patience, leave me alone this instant!, bro Chris growled. “Give me what you promised and I will leave you” she told him.  Her husband pushed and pounced on her, hitting her in different places, her pleas fell on deaf ears as he beats her. “You asked for it! I don’t know why you keep provoking me, can’t you be obedient for once! The Bible says wives should submit to their husbands but yours is different, always questioning my authority” Bro Chris said as he smoothen the roughen areas of his shirt,  “Nonsense! I won’t take that in my house, I married you, it is my right and duty to correct you” he finished and left. Sister Jummy sprawled on her bed, crying profusely. Her voice echoing in the quiet house.



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