What’s Best For You -BY- Precious Udo

[ door opens…. TJ walks into the sitting room worried …. KASI follows sooth]

TJ: What’s with you? what exactly is… your problem?

KASI: what do you mean? I don’t understand.

TJ: Okay now I take it that you are playing the am lost card…. [ glaring at Kasi].

KASI: Okay fine since all you want is to get mad at what I don’t understand …go ahead flare up.

TJ: am flaring up? you say?… you know what your problem is? You are too comfortable with friendships Kasi!

KASI: Are you kidding me right now TJ really?

TJ: Hell no!… Kasi, you just so comfortable friend zoning every guy that’s comes around you simply because you are just too afraid of COMMITMENT!!

KASI: What are you talking about, TJ you don’t understand… do you think this is easy for me? always running away from commitment just because I don’t know how it’s going to end …look TJ I don’t want to get hurt or hurt someone else. (Kasi continues)

I have had relationships in the past and it wasn’t right for me I even hid one from you because I knew perfectly well how you felt about me I didn’t want to hurt you

TJ:  Oh yes you didn’t want to hurt me but also saving yourself from ……

KASI: TJ how can you say that to me I didn’t want to hurt …look all I did was to protect you…

TJ: Protect me! Protect me !!! what the hell are you talking about, hello Kasi !!! am an adult who knows what he wants and when he wants it not a kid who needs protection against peer pressure!


TJ:  What? …how do I say it Kasi?  how else do I prove to you that I love you and am willing to make it work between us if only you let me Kasi …am no longer okay with us being just friends, I want something more, I want a partner, a mother everything from you Kasi no one else. (TJ continues) (Please tell me Kasi. tell me anything… anything and I would do it to prove my love to you Kasi please, can’t … you see am frustrated in this friend zone where you kept me. just let me love you let me love me love you Kasi …let me ….

KASI:  TJ! stop… stop talking like this…

TJ; KASI? mhmm…well it’s okay, I guess I go to go, see you [ …TJ walks away]

[ alarm rings … its 7: 45 am, Kasi stretches up from sleep, wears a flip-flop and heads for the kitchen…when doorbell rings … she exhales   then walks to the door … (voice from the door:  its Anna!  oh yes, it’s you … Kasi whispers to herself, then opens the door].

ANNA: Good morning? sugar

KASI:  Wow! good morning dear so what’s up with you madamme …?

ANNA:  You are up babe … (Anna says stands up and heads for the kitchen, KASI follows) what do you have in the kitchen?  [ ANNA CONTINUES]

….. girl? am famished, after so much work last night that ride and her maids where all killers … still wondering how you managed wake up this early [ she says scouring at KASI]

KASI:  Oh wow… I was having my well-deserved rest not until that automatic devil woke me up and it couldn’t get any worse you had to knock [ she exhales]

[Anna jumps to response]

ANNA: Wait …like you not happy to see me? [ looking disappointed]

KASI:  liiiiikeeeee… you are Santa, and common you are like family I see you every single day and…

[ ANNA interrupts]

ANNA: So, I ‘ve lost my worth, right?

KASI:  Are you crazy?… will you stop this act now. and make yourself useful around here

[ she continues] and for the record you are the one of the coolest persons I’ve got in my life now.

ANNA: Hmmm that’s high praise … but TJ tops that list and you know it [ she smiles]

KASI: Well… yeah [ smiling back at ANNA] okay madam can you please make yourself useful since you have lost your worth …. helping me is one way of getting it back, so dice the meat.

ANNA: Yes ma’am [ grinning, she picks up the meat and begins to dice]


[ KASI at office sorting out catalogues …phone rings) its TJ calling., she picks]

KASI: hello handsome how are you doing?

VOICE: hey pretty lady! am good and you?

KASI: Am great … what are you up for?

VOICE: Lunch y noon, you in?

KASI: yeah! am so on board […. she says smiling]

VOICE: Alright babe see you soon …?

KASI: sure, y noon

[ Kasi drops the and continues sorting out the catalogues …. thirty minutes later Anna walks into her office with so much papers.]

ANNA: Hello Madame ? …you have got a lot of work to do […she says with a grin …then exhales]

KASI: What!!!! Oh no! […she rests her head on her desk… and trees to hit her head hard on the desk… then Anna interrupts]

ANNA: Errh! babe its lunch time and I know if I let you, you would skip lunch for work, so as a good friend and partner, this could wait till after lunch? …  I guess that’s my best offer.

KASI: Like … you are the Awesome, thanks babe […she rushes out of the office]

[… love you too ANNA replies …. putting the forms in place]


[Kasi walks into the restaurant and finds him busy on his phone …. she walks towards him and taps on the tale, TJ looks up and gives her a smile, then frowns]

TJ: You are late ‘ was about texting you …, well I placed orders for two

KASI:  Yeah am so sorry… I have quite a lot of paperwork to do, and trust me if you had not called when you did I would be skipping lunch right about now.

TJ: Congratulations Kasi …you now have an eating disorder, and it’s not healthy for you … [ Kasi is giggling while TJ goes on about her eating] you could develop ulcer, and why are you smiling?

KASI:  because you sound like my doctor…he goes on and on about it, that’s cute

TJ:  Really? oh well I can be anything you want me to […winks at her]

[ They both get served … and begin to eat….]



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What’s Best For You -BY- Precious Udo

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