Why make them feel you love them -BY- Blessing Bright

Why make them feel you love them -BY- Blessing Bright

Why do you make a person feel as if you truly love him/her but deep down in your heart you know you’re not serious?
You knew you only wanted his/her body. The first time you saw her you imagined all sorts of lustful things in your mind.

You pretended and keep acting nice guy promising sweet things just to make sure you accomplish your lustful mission.

You made her fall in love with you but you knew in your heart that you did not really love her.
You just want to have fun and when you’re done and satisfied you’ll dump her for another girl (victim).

You think it’s fun and you’re enjoying it but you’re killing the girl emotionally and breaking her heart into many pieces.
Some men are in serious problems today not because of the economic crisis in the country, but because some women they have used, dumped and broke their hearts had crested life aging curses on them.

Don’t think your actions won’t have some consequences. You better learn some self-control before you put yourself into a serious problem that will make you fasting and praying all days throughout the year.

Same thing goes for our ladies, don’t make a man fall in love with you while you know in your heart you only want his money or some other things best known to you.

For every action, there is a consequence don’t play with his heart like a toy. A Heartbroken life is one of the most painful experiences in life, so avoid making others suffer unnecessarily.

Love is a beautiful and wonderful thing. If you tell someone you love him/her then mean what you say and try as much as possible to keep your promise. Don’t forget that there is a payday for bad and good behavior.

One day you are going to look back into your life and you will either be sad or happy for all your deeds and actions.
Be a heart maker, not a heart breaker. Be a person that makes others smile not cry! Find your own soulmate, love and cherish him/her truly.

God bless you- BB’s piece!!!!

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Why make them feel you love them -BY- Blessing Bright

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