Untold By Simisola Sowole

By Simisola Sowole

I held my breath as I tiptoed to the bathroom. I was very conscious of my sister. She was a paranoiac person and developed this recently. It started happening when her best friend Patricia went missing. Patricia and my sister were so close they called each other ‘Soul Sisters’. Then something started going wrong. My sister had an heartbreak and Patricia was never found. I could imagine how emotional she was. It was close to a year and my sister was almost deaf and dumb. She barely did anything, she was almost vegetable. She would snap at everything. Dad was a widower and travelled a lot. He was really worried about my sister. All I could do was help her with food and clothing. My sister was 22 and I was 12 year old.

I got to the bathroom and began scrubbing my legs silently. Then I saw a droplet of blood on the white bath tub. I touched it and it was still very wet. My sister had been indoors all day and Dad had travelled a month ago, so I wondered whose it was. I washed it off and continued with my scrubbing. Then I saw the blood again and was very surprised. I checked myself if it was from me, but it wasn’t. I left the bathroom and began to knock on my sister’s door. “Desire! Open up! Adesire!” I shouted hitting her door. “Don’t come in! Leave me alone. ” She cried. “I saw blood in the..” Then there was a crashing sound in her room which interrupted me. I looked around and saw muddy footsteps. I could swear it just appeared. I followed it and got to the store. There was nobody there. It was pitch dark. I switched on the light and saw someone hunched over. “Who is this? ” I asked rudely. “Adeola!! Run away!” My sister cried out. She ran into the store holding a knife with her.
“Who is this?” I demanded. My sister was shaking all over and held me tightly. “Get away from us! Just get away!” She pleaded with the person who had her back against us. I got irritated. “Is this a prank or what?” I asked and tapped the young lady. She let out a loud cry which shook my body. She turned over to face us and my sister passed out. Her face was already decomposed. Her skull was very visible. She had a cold look. Her clothes were soiled with blood. “Who are you?” I requested in fear. “Ask her! Ask her!!” Her voice was rasp and sad. Her fingers were directed at my sister who was sprawled on the ground. I saw a necklace she wore which was very familiar, it had the P.R inscription. “Pa…Patricia?” I stuttered.
She fell on my shoulders crying and I could see dust come out of her. “What is going on? Please tell me.” I pleaded. “I’m sorry Lara.. I have to take you along with me. We have to go together. ” She said with her head buried in my shoulder. I pushed her away roughly and took the knife from my sister. “Get away from me! You are taking me nowhere! Nowhere I say!” I shouted in anger. She looked at me dangerously and charged towards my direction. I ran out of the store with the knife in my hand. She appeared behind me and I could see tears in her eyes when I turned. “Follow me! Follow me!!” She repeated. “No!” I screamed and plunged the knife into her.
In a flash, memories of Patricia came to my head. Her everlasting smile and her constant chewing of gum. I could remember the way she would curl her long hair and flaunt it around. And I could see the hate in her eyes. I could see the way she would stare at my sister and her fiancé. I could see how she planned on ending the relationship. I could see how she and my sister had an argument and how Desire mistakenly pushed her to her death. I could see how Desire fled from the scene. I could see it all. In a snap, Patricia disappeared but her arms remained on my shoulders.

By Simisola Sowole ©

Untold By Simisola Sowole [STORY]

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