Two Romantic Nights Apart BY Ogbonnaya Joel Nwanneka [STORY]

Two Romantic Nights Apart BY Ogbonnaya Joel Nwanneka [STORY]

Night 1.

He travelled down to an idle island, the breeze was cool, he has got for himself a pen and a jotter. He sat on the shore, under the coconut tree, caressing the smooth sand, his fingers ran deep into the smooth soft sand, suddenly, he sighted the shadow of the coconut tree from afar, he was shocked as he couldn’t find his own shadow sitting under the shadow of the coconut tree. He hissed, though, displeased, all he could do was to tickle out muddy sands out of the soil with his fingers. All he could do then was to tell tales to a little monkey that hopped near him.

He starts, “little monkey, i once fell in love and died ten times before my shadow starts denying me in my solitudes, of course, solitudes like this!”

The little monkey turned and swinged its tail for him to see, a sign of mockery!
He continued, “little monkey, I love her that I have to travel down with her to a lone land, there, I told her the story of how the sun loved the moon, the love of the sun got jealoused over by the night and the day. This jealousy grew that the night impregnated the sky at dusk, and all the sky could bear were stars, the night called it the children of the moon for him. This created distance between the Sun and the moon who were great lovers, the Sun could only visit the moon at dusk, when men retire from work to home.
The little monkey on hearing this, felt bad and sorry for the Sun.

He continued, “That night, after telling her the tale, we slept in a room, instead of the usual cuddling while in bed, she slept, turning her back away from me without her panties. She woke the next morning, looked at me and asked me what I have done to her in her dream.”
“I have not, but my shadow had done it to your shadow and not really you”. She smiled and hugged him firm for minutes, soon he began another story.

WRITTEN BY Ogbonnaya Joel Nwanneka



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Two Romantic Nights Apart BY Ogbonnaya Joel Nwanneka [STORY]

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