So Long A Letter BY Manuel Dhera Nora [STORY]

So Long A Letter BY Manuel Dhera Nora

Dear Henry, with tears in my eyes and a heart broken into billion pieces, I write you this letter. Read till the end no matter how boring it gets.

Sweetest as I used to call you, do you remember how you captured my innocent fragile heart back then when I was in SS1, do you remember how you used to hold my hand and walk around the school showing me off to all who cared as your future wife and how that action earned me the title ‘Mrs Henry’?

Do you also remember how I wept that night your dick penetrated into me breaking my innocence, how you held me tight kissing my tears affectionately like the kid I was promising never to hurt me or let me go even when the world turns upside down? I believed you because I was blinded by ignorance coupled with immaturity.
Do you also remember how I had related to you weeks after that I missed my period and how you dropped the call after calling me names? You never called back neither did you ever take my calls again. Weeks later, I heard you left the country for Europe to continue your education and since then, you are yet to return.
How time flies Henry, it’s been five years now and guess what, I’m now in my second year in the university studying Public Administration. Hector your son is four years and some months old already. You need to see the striking resemblance between the both of you, he has your brown eyes and curly hair with long fingers and nails just like you.
Forgive me for not going into details about the horrible ordeals I went through during pregnancy. What else would you expect from the pregnancy journey of a teenager, an enjoyable ride? – hell no!
I was humiliated by my peers and was called several names, my big bro almost killed my baby while beating me, but by God’s merciful grace, here we are. My mum, the disgrace she went through was more. She was suspended by the women wing of our church after being queried, she was banned from attending the women meeting of our kindred for failure of her responsibility as a mother, we were probed by our extended family for irresponsibility and waywardness.
This letter is long and my hands ache already, but it won’t go down well with me if I fail to let out the contents of my heart as it is. This may come as a shock to you that it is coming from that feeble naïve Nora of years back. Yes, it is coming from the same Nora you abandoned to her fate, it is coming from the same little girl you broke her heart to shreds and fled just like Moses of the bible days.
I want to let you know that for Hectors sake, I wish you death so you’d never get to see him and claim ownership of the pretty bunde of joy you rejected before his birth. I wish you never find happiness, I wish you tears all the days of your life. May you seek happiness and find darkness and sorrow in abundance.
Goodbye wicked soul, I don’t expect a reply from you except the news of your miserable death.

Yours broken hearted Nora.

WRITTEN BY Manuel Dhera Nora



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So Long A Letter BY Manuel Dhera Nora [STORY]

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