She BY Pretty Ginikanwa [STORY]

She BY Pretty Ginikanwa 

She was Eloquent. Outspoken. Bold. Beautiful. Most gracious woman on earth. She had the curves of an eighty-eight. And the smile of a river goddess. A smile that melts heart. She was amazing but nobody knew. Only I did. And I have got cold tears streaming down my eyes as I tell you about She.

She is very beautiful. Very beautiful with fairy eyes and thin lined lips. She had a good fashion sense and walked any where she went to with so much confidence. She was feared. She had this scorn on her face anywhere she went. A scorn she interpreted as a smile but was misinterpreted as pride.

She had no friend except from me and she told me how darkness filled her heart. I watch she cry and relate all over again how she lost her parents to the cold hands of death in a car crash. She was in so much pain but people thought she was in wealth and happiness. She needed help but because she was on good clothing, no one ever thought she was depressed.

They thought she was very confident but they never knew she grew cold feets when she passed by people so she raises her head up high, changes her smile to a scorn so she wouldn’t feel people around. She wasn’t bold. No she wasn’t.

And because she is very beautiful, no one thought she could be lonely but they never knew she is the loneliest. She was never loved.

You wanna know how I know this much? I am ME. She’s only best friend. I am her inner soul, where she drops all her pains and sorrows. I am the only reason she hasn’t taken a gun and blew her head off. And I am tired of seeing her in agony. She is an amazing person but nobody knows.

I am She’s Guardian Angel. And I say Don’t Judge. Speak to a soul today.

WRITTEN BY Pretty Ginikanwa

BACKGROUND PHOTO CREDIT: IG: @Purefineart  Photo Model: IG:@_kimdon


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She BY Pretty Ginikanwa [STORY]

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