#PunchLinesNotPeople BY Vechi Allen [STORY]

#PunchLinesNotPeople BY Vechi Allen vechilz [STORY]

It was dark and creepy when the Don arrived.
We had gotten head-over-world with pills, liquor and other substances.

Caleb was 17 and he had just gotten out of Barz.
He had a better chance to study in school but he substituted schooling for killing.

Dave, an ex convict, who has been declared wanted for series of mass slaughter related killings. He had earlier been offered an amnesty by the state government, but he had already soaked himself in innocent bloods and had chosen his part.

I, a young lad, aged 28, popularly called D1, a professional burglar and pick pocket who sees the other side of the prison Barz as a home out of the streets.

At the sight of the Don, we knew what was up.
We had just been contracted eliminate a political king pin.
More pills and wrapps of weed would give the ginger for the job. We were just hungry and needed money to take care of our needs and family, and this was the only survival option left for us, so we always had to do the needful whenever our services were needed.

It was 12:Am, all dark and creepy. We all had our guns fully loaded, the hour had arrived, the mission was to be executed, and the target was to be eliminated.

We made our way through, breaching the super active security and cameras. We made footless sounds as we made our way into the room of our target.

He was an old man, old enough to be anyone of us’ s father. I felt and imagine the pain we would have inflicted on his children If we had pulled the trigger.

Caleb and Dave did too, but we needed to get the job done. Raising My loaded pistol pointing at the sleeping man, Dave woke him up. He knelt down, pleading, he asked us to take all the money he had and spare his life, Caleb threatened to shoot if he made another sound.

Sweat dripping through my jaw, I couldn’t pull the trigger, I had a flash picture of my dad being threatened, just the way we were doing to this old man.

I then asked the crew to abort the mission. it was a difficult decision because we had never failed. But then we had just realised that we needed to #PunchlinesNotPeople

WRITTEN BY Vechi Allen Vechilz



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#PunchLinesNotPeople BY Vechi Allen [STORY]

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