Our Diary BY Kuretmenan D. Rinmak (part 1) [STORY]

Our Diary BY Kuretmenan D. Rinmak

Love, you’d think existed in its full beauty in the cities and big civilized milieus. At least almost everyone have their own version of how beautifully civilization has garnished our emotions as we celebrate love. This version of love story is not from a very developed community but it has its own version of civilization and can’t be thrown away as archaic. This is not an experience from the far past, it is a tale of the present day, just told from a side that hasn’t really experienced the city life, but has attained a good level of social life to know what love is and isn’t.

My name is Gumuntang, a Pyem boy from Gindiri. There is nothing so catchy about my story. I am just a normal boy with no heroic powers to save the world like superman or any of the avengers, I just graduated into my Twenties. I finished by Secondary School from Government Secondary School, Bwalbwang. I couldn’t get admitted into the University but I was fortunate to be admitted into the College of Education, Gindiri to study English/ Social Studies. My live has and as of now, is still revolving around the Gindiri community. I love a regular life of cherishing pretty girls but I haven’t found that one yet. I have much to say, but I don’t feel safe saying it all.

My life has gotten to a point where I get to see toasters from almost every side of life here in Gindiri. I am a Mwaghavul girl, but my parents stay in Gindiri. I am Nandi and just graduated from Pyem Community Secondary School. They say I am beautiful and that is why they flock around me. My story is a little bit different from their trial and failure system of love on me. I just need that one person who is ready to handle my type of being with little complications. My parents are farmers though dad has a job with the government as a teacher, mum mixes farming with trading on the big Saturday markets at the Gindiri town.

I am Kuretmenan Rinmak, Mr. Kt Kreatif, just so you know, just felt I should reintroduce myself in case you don’t know, and I am the third eye in this story of love and beauty. Today is the first day of February, 2018, and welcome to the tale.


WRITTEN BY Kuretmenan D. Rinmak

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Our Diary BY Kuretmenan D. Rinmak (part 1) [STORY]

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