Our Diary BY Kuretmenan D. Rinmak II [STORY]

Our Diary BY Kuretmenan D. Rinmak II


His greatest moments where days he saw her pass to the farm in Langai. For all those staying in Gindiri and might have been to Langai, will attest to the fact that it is the place to fulfill your Agricultural dreams. The only place you can prove yourself as an agricultural guru with special regards to practical cropping, is in that endowed locality. Blessed with a mickle land mass and an accommodating soil for virtually all types of crops.
The truth is, once Langai gets into your head, you just can’t leave it again. It is a sweet addiction for most Gindiri settlers like Nandi’s parents. Her parents have gotten a piece of land beside the Langai River to always do “lambu”, in other words, gardening. This is aside his normal farmland, a little bit into the community for the normal farming of maize and yam yearly. So, whether it is dry or rainy season, his family is always visiting Langai.

Just two weeks after the Christmas celebration, on my way to school, mum insisted I resume early to start my First semester registration since I couldn’t do it during the quarter semester. I left that day grudgingly just because I wouldn’t want Dad to be involved in this. Well, don’t ask me why, because we all know what fathers can do when they come as intervention in a crises zone in the family. So, I saw her for the first time not up to 200 steps from my house, just by the entrance to JUTH Gindiri Health Centre. She was cycling towards the Langai River alone and at that time of the morning. There was nothing so special about it, just for the fact that I am seeing a she somehow happily going down towards the river at this cold season, considering how terrible harmattan in Gindiri can be. I am only happy I am saying this because my parents basically do just the rainy season farming, if not, I would have been in her shoes too, but again, thank God I am schooling. Anyway, from that day, I got to see her almost always, till it became a habit to leave home early for school, just to see this lady pass. This activity kept happening like as though we have been lost in a time loop. I just made sure she didn’t see much of me, but she served as a great motivation to leave early for school.

Gumuntang is a ladies man, my friends call him rose flower, simply because they say he is someone you as a lady would love to have around, because he attracts and knows how to keep you to himself… “He isn’t much of a fine guy, but the way he carries himself makes him so adorable,” my friend Kisit told me one day during the long break when we sat under the Mango tree at the center of the school. That was the first day I heard of him, out second term S.S. 1. His name came up when two ladies, Falin and Hauwa, in our class were fighting over him. Falin is his younger sisters friend, so she knows Him, and she later introduced Hauwa to him when they went to see his younger sister. Somehow, Hauwa and Gumuntang became close, but Falin didn’t like it and confronted Hauwa in class that day immediately after the first two classes based on a rumor she heard, she was told they went to the new dam site for a small picnic. She saw the picture they snapped too as a proof and girl did they quarrel that day. I got to see his picture for the first time that day in Hauwa’s phone. The picture really showed me a handsome boy, a little bit better than what Kisit told me.
He just graduated, and so it was a thing of pride for girls within our level to be in a relationship with someone not in secondary school. I never have seen the real him till this day in the morning on my way to Langai River to join my dad and elder brother in the Lambu. I didn’t recognize him at first till I came closer. I finally remembered his face while in the Lambu while working… I just flashed a girlish smile to myself and continued my work.

WRITTEN BY Kuretmenan D. Rinmak

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Our Diary BY Kuretmenan D. Rinmak II [STORY]

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