Mr Right BY Evanston Alexander Daisy – CHAPTER 1 [STORY]

Mr Right CHAPTER 1
I walked into the club,loud deafening music,dimly lit hall, skilled pole dancers, wasted guys and girls, money betters, and night stands in skimpy clothes, showing off their wares to customers, everybody was too busy doing what they’d come here to do, afterall, this was Lagos.
I however paid little or no attention to the clubbers as i made for the bar, i also had a reason for coming here, i was going to drink myself silly. My head was spinning even before i got seated.
‘Whisky please’ i ordered the dark, tall barman with long dread hair as i set myself down, placing my purse on the bar counter. I gulped down my first shot at a go.

‘Keep em coming’ i told the barman, determined to drink myself to stupor.
I had broken up with Tobi, the only man in my life for the past five years, more out of frustration than anything else, all my mates, both friends and not were all getting married, i couldn’t figure out what made him drag his feet.

‘Is there anything wrong with me? Eh? Tobi? I cook, clean, you have unlimited access to me, my house, i mean, my whole life has evolved around you for five bloody years Tobi, i’m twenty-six for crying out loud, what are you waiting for? Huh? You want me to get all old and crappy so you can leave me for some, some chick?’. I threw my red hot feelings at Tobi just earlier today, spewing the words once they formed in my head.
‘Baby, i’m sorry’, he tried to explain,
‘It’s just, i need time and.. ‘
I cut his sentence short.
‘Time?, Tobi time? What? Like five years isn’t time enough? You have a good job, a beautiful apartment, a good ride, what else could you possibly want?’
I held my head, I’d talked too much, it wasn’t good for me. ‘You know what? maybe I’ve just wasted my time with you.
I stood up.
‘ Maybe this wasn’t meant to be, because I’ve tried, Lord knows’.
I picked up my purse from our lunch table in some eatery near where i work.
‘Screw you Tobi, we’re done’.
I said in finality, walking out and letting the tears i had been fighting back flow freely, he just sat there, speechless, rather flabbergasted if you ask me.
‘He didn’t even chase after me’ i thought as a fresh batch of tears ran down my face, and i downed my fifth shot. I had begun to feel rather tipsy now as i beckoned for my sixth shot.
The barman i believe was reluctant to pass my drink, and before I could pick offense, a guy seated next to me intervened, dragging my shot glass.
‘Hey, Take it easy tiger’
He waved the barman not to pour me any more spirit, much to the barman’s relief .
I didn’t look up at his face, my emotional trauma, coupled with my rather tipsy self, didn’t give me the convenience of looking at some random bar-goer who clearly couldn’t mind his own business.
‘What do you think you’re doing?’.
i asked through a voice i thought was mine. He looked at me keenly, clearly disturbed. ‘You’re pretty strong taking in all that whisky’.
He pulled me up.
‘c’mon, lets get you home’.
He looked at the bar-man,
‘How much does she owe?, how was she going to pay anyways?’.
He paid for my alcohol as he took me outside’.
‘Did you drive here?’
I looked at him like I’d pass out anytime soon, my pupils dilating.
‘Why won’t Tobi marry me? Am i not beautiful enough?’.
‘Relationship problems’ i heard him mutter. ‘Why am i not surprised?’ ‘Tobi is a fool! , an idiot! , a mean bastard!!’.
I yelled gleefully at the top of my voice.
‘Hey stay still, will you?’.
He kissed his teeth, having a hard time with my weight and all.
‘I don’t know who this Tobi guy is, but he’s sure giving me a hard time’.
He said trying to hold me and open his Lexus door at the same time, ‘Stay still ma’am, ah please’.
Finally, he fastened my seat belt in the front seat as my head sagged on the window immediately he shut the door.

WRITTEN BY Evanston Alexander Daisy



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Mr Right BY Evanston Alexander Daisy – CHAPTER 1 [STORY]

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