Mr Right BY Evanston Alexander Daisy -CHAPTER 3 [STORY]

Mr Right BY Evanston Alexander Daisy -CHAPTER 3 [STORY]
I drove into my father’s compound, although I
now lived there alone. My father died of a heart
condition six years ago and mother followed suit
two years later.

I had no other family within or outside the
country, no other family except Sola,my baby
‘Where the hell have you been?’ Sola asked,
clearly relieved as i held my head and let myself
into the house.
‘I’m sorry’. I apologised.
‘Rough night huh?’ she asked as i set myself
‘Tobi came looking for you last night, you simply
refused to take your calls’.
She sat next to me, placing the back of her right
hand over my forehead.
‘What really happened Damilola?’
I looked at her. Ignoring her question and getting
‘I’ll head upstairs’ I told her, as I sighted her
bags on the centre table, she was leaving, this
was he last thing i needed right now.
‘Sola, e never reach one week wey you come
lasgidi o, Haba na chillax, i need your ass
She laughed.
‘I gotta leave today sis’. It was then I noticed she
was already dressed.
‘I really like your dress though , can i have it’.
She asked, admiring the dress i wished would
burn into ashes right about now.
‘Yeah, you can have the stupid dress’ i replied
‘Can’t you just stay one more day?’ I pleaded.
Se shook her head.
‘I can’t,I would if i could, but i can’t. I have to
get to the hospital by tonight, the girl covering
my shift has to do day tomorrow so I have to be
in Port Harcourt for my shift tonight’.
I kissed my teeth. Sola and her stories.
‘God speed jare. If I say come and stay here, you
will be claiming strong head, i mean there a
thousand and one good hospitals here in Lagos ‘.
Her bubbly laugh rang through the parlor again.
‘I don’t belong here, I’ll say it for the umpteenth
time. Lagos isn’t my kind of place’. She begun
smearing her light makeup.
‘My job is there, my life is there, my boyfriend is
there too’.
I shrugged. ‘It’s OK, i knew I’d bear no fruit
asking you to stay, call me once you land’.
I started for the stairs, stopped and turned.
‘Your doctor boyfriend nkor?’ She smiled.
‘He’s fine, we just talked, he misses me’.
I nodded and started for te stairs again.
‘when is he proposing sef? See let him bot just
lead you on and leave you gan’.
She laughed again.
‘You and proposals sef, quit scaring guys with
marriage, poor Tobi, what’s the rush about really,
you’re in love, that’s what matters’.
She teased.
I didn’t find it funny though.
‘You wouldn’t know what the rush is about,
you’re 23’.
‘And you’re 26’.
she yelled from downstairs, ‘What’s 3 years?’.
‘One kid and another on the way’.
I replied, trying to unlock my room.
‘I’ll be sleeping, the dress will be on my dresser,
just leave when you want to’.
‘Okay’ she replied.
‘Ewedu is in the kitchen sha o, incase you’re
‘I’m not hungry’. I said almost in a whisper as I
turned and locked my room door.
‘I’m a mess’.
It wasn’t until past one that i had woken up.
I picked up my cellphone, sixteen missed calls. I
checked, it was an unknown number. ‘Could it be
Tobi?’ I asked calling the number back.
‘Hey sweetheart’
(I know that voice).
‘This is Desmond’
‘Uhm, from the club?’ (I remembered)
‘Oh, hello’
‘how are you?’
‘I’m fine, thank you’.
‘You home yet?’
‘Yes’. I replied
‘I’ve been home for sometime now’.
He was quiet
‘But you’re okay. You’re not hungover or
‘I feel much better now’.
‘I’m glad.Ehm, look, i’m on lunch break till two-
thirty, so i’m like, can i treat you to lunch in say
twenty minutes?’
‘Okay’. I replied.
(Why did i say that?)
Where do we meet up?’.
He continued,
Where exactly do you stay?’ he asked.
‘Isolo’ i replied. ‘Ago precisely’. ‘Okay then, he
‘Let’s meet at Cele bus stop, it’s near where i
I dropped the phone and sprinted into the
bathroom to freshen up.
I wore a blue shirt on jeans.
‘At least I’ll be sure nothing happened between
us. I’ll find out if he’d changed my clothes
because i ruined mine. He doesn’t sound like a
bad person one bit’. I thought as i slid into my
As i adjusted my mirror, I noticed my phone
ringing noiselessly.
‘Is this thing in silent?’.
I picked it up, TOBI. I hesitated, then picked.
‘My God! baby, where the hell have you been?,
why haven’t you been taking my calls? Are you
okay?, where are you?’.
His voice sounded like he was disturbed.
I smiled.
‘I’m fine Tobi’.
‘Where are you?’ he asked again.
‘I’m stepping out for a while, i had a rough night,
but I’m good now’.
He sounded relieved.
‘We both did, believe me’. He said.
‘Baby, i’m driving back from Ibadan like this. I
had to attend an urgent meeting. I still got to run
a few errands to run but i want to see you today,
please. Could you call by my place this evening?’.
‘Tobi….’. I tried to object.
‘Please baby, i’m begging you, we have to talk’.
We really needed to talk.
I took a deep breathe.
‘I’ll wait for you at your house’. ‘Thank you babe,
you’re the best, i love you’.
I didn’t reply as i killed the line .


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Mr Right BY Evanston Alexander Daisy -CHAPTER 3 [STORY]

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