Love For Sale BY Blessed Abraham [STORY]

Love For Sale BY Blessed Abraham [STORY]

Love For Sale BY Blessed Abraham [STORY]

Love For Sale BY Blessed Abraham [STORY]

She is singing along to Korede Bello’s Romantic with her earpiece plugged to her ear as she packs the plates we just used to eat.. She seems very happy even though its just garri we drank with coconut..
That cheerful smile on her face and happy looks of contentment beams on her face whenever she is with me, No doubt she loves me

She doesn’t deserve what I am about to do, How do I even start? I waited till she was done and sat down, then I picked courage and begin..

“Ceey, How would you feel if you could travel abroad and study? You know achieve all your dreams,” I said as I played with my beards.. She flashed that smile, Her simplicity and naivety are her charm

“I will love it o! Open my own Beauty salon and Fashion Design Label,” She said with her dreamy eyes as she kept fantasizing..

I’ve always known of her dreams to own an International Fashion Design Label, she is a good Fashion Designer.. I also have my own dreams and responsibility too; Mum who was our Bread winner after Dad died is now bedridden, My Four siblings look up to me for money for School, feeding and textbooks.. All this responsibilities now on me..

My Uncle Effiong introduced me to Chief Bala who I provide Electrical service at his home, that was where i met his only daughter, Tracy and she fell in love with me.. Chief Bala wants me to marry her

“I will give you a job in my company, and all the benefits that come with it and being my son-in-law.. I will send your girlfriend abroad to live and study and even give her a compensation fee of 10million naira, so she can go away.. Just marry my daughter and make her happy,”

I can’t even look at Cynthia right now as she sobs, tears flowing down her chubby cheeks while her eyes kept piercing my soul.. For minutes she cried while looking at me

“Go ahead, Accept it!,” She finally said as she used he hands to dry her tears then forced a fake smile..
“You need it for yourself, Mum is very sick, your siblings need a better life.. I couldn’t give you anything, I can’t hold you back,”
Tears flowed while she spoke!

What a relief! Even though I know those words are the hardest she’s ever had to say, but am relieved she is accepting the compensation..
That guilt will no longer haunt me, she will be happy and I will be free..

“But I am not taking anything from them, I don’t need their compensation. Our Love is never for sale,”

Those words shredding my very being!

You are not to copy this work in part or whole without permission from 🙄  ©Blessed Abraham
BACKGROUND PHOTO CREDIT: IG: @db_nashun, @shino_blarke

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Love For Sale BY Blessed Abraham [STORY]

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