Love Change by Pretty Ginikanwa [STORY]

Love Change by Pretty Ginikanwa [STORY]

Love Change by Pretty Ginikanwa [STORY]

Love Change by Pretty Ginikanwa [STORY]

He was a fuckboy💙💙
Her phone rang the hundredth time. It sang and vibrated it regular ringtone specifically for Temi her boyfriend. No EX. She didn’t have to check who it was, she knew it was him. He’s been calling since a day before yesterday she had left his duplex in anger. Her iphone7 that he had gotten for her as a Val’s gift rested on the bed, blinking her display picture that had both of them kissing.

“Maybe he thought I was joking when I said its over” she told herself
“I mean it’s over” she screamed at his picture on the display of her phone
“it’s over” she screamed again tugging at everything and throwing the pillows again and again. Then she cried slowly “it over Temi.. Over”

Her relationship with Temi had lasted for two years, she had endured everything his finess had brought. She had always wanted a cute boyfriend , so when God sent her Temi,she was prepared to go through all odds with him. She had to pocket all her jealousy and had tried so hard to trust Temi. She knew girls were always around him but she consoled herself knowing and believing she was the main girlfriend.

She had caught him many times kissing a girl in his office,lap dancing another at a party or club they do both attend or winking back at another lady winking at him or flattering another lady other than her. She had complained about not being too comfortable with his escapades and had many times threatened that he had to choose between her or them. He would apologize and promise to change but he’s always going back to being Temi because he knew she’s still gonna stay. He knew she loved him so much.

But she had had enough when she walked into his room to give him the special meal she had prepared for him. Only to meet him on top of another lady. She had screamed like a mad woman that the flask she was holding had to drop. She ran out like a mad woman whilst Temi rushed into his white pants and ran after her. She entered her car hurriedly,while he tried opening it and she sped off.

Temi had been sitting on the bare floor with only his white pants on. He hasn’t taken his bath since Mesoma left his apartment. He’s taken off from work and has been using his time to dial her number and sending her numerous messages. He couldn’t bare loosing her. He loved her, he just couldn’t understand why he flirts around.
“Oh God please don’t let me loose her please,i promise I will change if you will help me get her back ” he prayed silently as he cried passionately

This was the first time she wouldn’t speak to him this long. He knew he was at the verge of loosing her. But damn he knew she wouldn’t believe anything he says again,he looked on helplessly.

Just then Kunle,Temi’s best friend,a married man with two kids walked in. He sneezed as he held his nose.
“Ah Temi you have been drinking. Everywhere smells badly. ” Kunle lamented as he walked to where Temi sat.
“So you still here? Groaning over spilt milk? ” Kunle asked sarcastically. I didn’t know you still loved her but you been fooling around with those bitches. Be like me. Get a good lady like Mesoma and settle down with her and raise your kids but you still playing the bad boy game at your age. See your life now” he sneered at him
“I need your help kunle.Help me get back my girl please ” He said slowly

“So you can talk calmly like this? Kunle laughed. If not that you my best friend, I wouldn’t be here. After all the insults you gave me because I advised you. Hmmmm… But that’s by the way. Do you really want her back? ” he questioned
He nodded.
“OK I have a plan and I’m sure it’s gonna work out “
He whispered to Temi, he frowned
“I can’t do that! “
“Then you ain’t ready to get back your girl and stop being a fuckboy”
He made to leave
“Please Kunle don’t leave “
“Then drop their numbers”

Kunle called Memsome with his number. She picked after the the third ring.
“Hello Mesoma. It’s me Kunle”
“I know. She answered coldly
“Please you need to come right away. Temi is seriously sick and he’s dying “he sounded urgent
“Do I look or sound like a doctor to you? She answered rudely and hanged up.
“Hello.. Hello” Kunle called

“She hanged up. She’s deeply hurt” Kunle said to Temi feeling depressed
“I know right,What do we do now? “
“Never mind Temi”

He sent her a message
“Please come around Bae. It’s Urgent
I know you’re hurt but trust me on this one dear” Kunle.
Mesoma received it and decided to go but ready to murder anyone who tries to play a fast one on her. Moreover Kunle as always been on her side. She decided to trust him this once. She quickly freshened up, dressed seductively and applied a little make up. She then drove out with her white camery car.

She got to his place, opened his door without knocking and met Kunle standing close to five beautiful girls who were all seated taking wine.

She quickly recognised the lady Temi had sex with and gave her a hardening look. The lady quickly stopped staring back at her. Temi sat behind them still on his white pants looking depressed and dirty.
“What’s happening here, why did you ask me to come? ” She stared at Kunle
“Temi has something to say, please calm down and sit down ” he pointed at her favorite chair
She stood stubbornly and folded her hands as she watched Temi stand up like he was gonna give a speech.

Temi coughed and faced the girls
“I’m so sorry I called you girls, I’m not sick. I’m sorry I lied and I’m really happy you all showed up for me. He turned to face Mesoma while pointing at the girls. “These are the ladies I have been cheating around with. I called them here so you know I’m truly sorry. I want you and them to know I have stopped being a fuckboy and I want you guys to know she’s my wife. Please stop flirting around with me, I love her with all of my heart, I can’t do without her. “

The ladies opened their mouths in utter disbelief and embarrassment. Temi knelt down just before Memsome
“Baby please forgive me. I have really changed. Please be my wife” he kissed her feet
She blushed and made him to stand up while she screamed Yes. She was too happy. She gave him a quick kiss and a long hug while she felt like the champion. She winked at Kunle and smiled at the ladies who left one after the other shamefully. And then she screamed “
“Yesssss… I’m the Champion😎..
I love you so much Temi”😍

We lived happily ever after.😉
Dem no born am well to cheat again 😆😂😂

WRITTEN BY Pretty Ginikanwa



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Love Change by Pretty Ginikanwa [STORY]

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