Hidden Scars by Kolapo Samuel Orowole [STORY]

Hidden Scars by Kolapo Samuel Orowole

Hidden Scars by Kolapo Samuel Orowole

Hidden Scars by Kolapo Samuel Orowole

Jide was one close friend to me in primary school, we were both in primary 6, he was the only one who knew about my wounds, no matter how hard I try to hide them, he forces his way to pull my shirt after school and sometimes he cleans them for me..

“your dad is very wicked, there is another fresh wound on the last week own, that one never dry finish sef, guy!!! Wetin you dey do your papa gan? “

He asked me this questions with curiosity written all over his face, with a teary eye I tried to reply him but in the middle of my sentence, the tears forced their way out and I broke down emotionally .

Dad is a beast in human form, he beat my heavily pregnant mom that she nearly lost her life during child birth, my dad practically beat my mom into labor and she still lost the baby.

The other day his radio fell from my hand and the antenna broke, dad flogged me like a thief and when my mom came in to beg for me, he dished her slaps repeatedly that I wished I had a gun, would have shot him straight away for his treatment towards my mom especially..

In our parlor is a big framed picture of my parents holding hands and smiling as the pastor joins them together, I always wonder what really happened to their love..

The weekend passed and at school on a Monday, fresh wounds as usual, Jide couldn’t just take it anymore and he promised me that week will be my last of suffering..
He came to school on Wednesday with some pills, he instructed me to grind it and put in dad’s food.

Before I left for school on Friday morning, I did what Jide told me, all through the school period, I was very hopeful the beast will be gone for good as soon as I get home.

Met this crowd in front of our house, my parents people were all crying, I wonder why my mom’s people were also crying.

I entered the house and found my mom on the floor lying dead, entered dad’s room and met him on his bed same way he went to sleep last night.

Dad died naturally in his sleep last night and mom ate the food I poisoned for dad.
I took the remaining food to the backyard and ate it too, I got what I wanted.

I died too….


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Hidden Scars by Kolapo Samuel Orowole [STORY]

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