biggest crush by vechi allen and mary olatunji
The first time my eyes met his was at the chapel, on a mild Tuesday evening during the month of November 2009.
That day, my church had a miraculous service captioned “an encounter with GOD” which wasn’t worth missing for any other appointment or arranged schedule.
That day, he was in church with his sister “just like every other day”.

His handsomeness had kept me admiring him from afar whenever I take a glance at him; and when he passes by very close to me “awwwwwwwwwwn” I can’t just help it when I find myself being lured by his sexy pink lips, and his well fitted body, he must be an angel sent from heaven “I’ve always thought to myself”.

He was just that normal/moderate young looking guy who didn’t have time for “swaggie attires”, although he was in the ‘SS class” and I was in the “JSS class” almost rounding up with my junior waec, but to me he was cool the way he was anyway.

Meanwhile, during the service that evening, I noticed that he sat very close to me and I was very nervous to turn my head towards his direction to take a short glance at his face.
I could feel his breath swimming through the air from where I sat and without any hesitation I grabbed them and I gulped them in like they were oxygen.
Just when I’ve finally decided to take away my shyness and take a look at his face, our eyes bump into each other, I then felt this feeling “like a mild melt down in me”, and I was carried away by his glowing eye’s, “gossh.. They were so beautiful”.
I got back to my senses when he looked away from me after staring at each other without altering a single word.

After the long looks, I felt a deep feeling of love and confusion in me at the same time, before I knew it I found myself spilling rhetorical words within my mind like “what did the look reflect? Maybe he loves me? Should I say hi?”…..these words swam through my head at that moment, I even wondered if he would come closer to say “HI” or at least just alter a word for the first time.
Meanwhile while I wondered and pondered, I kept my mouth shot and focused on pastor Jibodu who was at the pulpit preaching on the topic “GOD’s love”.

While the pastor was preaching, I took a sharp look at the handsome young guy beside and I found out that he was caught by a boy, who he faced and was having a discussion with and then wondered what they were discussing that made him forget about me. “Well it isn’t my business sha if he likes let him continue discussing until Jesus comes back to earth” I said to myself.

As I was about focusing my attention on the bible, searching for the book of mark chapter five (5) vs……..i just felt distracted as my chair was dragged and pulled back by an unknown person; just when I turned back to see the crazy individual who did that unreasonable act, Goosh, it was him “my lips freezed” I couldn’t spill out the offensive words that I had intended to deposit on whoever did that to me.
Although I expected a mild sorry from him, “maybe he only wanted to get my attention” but unfortunately my thoughts was an irony of its self, segun was just a trouble maker I thought to myself.
While I was staring at him waiting for his sorry, he was just staring at me too as if he was watching a telemundo program on TV; after he had finished staring at me for a while, he then chuckles and turned to the boy that he was having a conversation with and said “she’s light, she has no weight”
Immediately, I thought to myself, “was that the polite way to say HI to girl? Or is he doing things his own way to get me lured to him??

up till now I’m still thinking if what Segjun did was Right or Wrong

written by mary olatunji and vechi allen


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