Avengers infinity war spoiler free review — Princely X [REVIEW]

Avengers infinity war spoiler free review. — Princely X.

To begin with, Thanos is not the only one that knows about balance. The Russo brothers do it better. The movie’s plot was so spontaneous and yet so balanced that you begin to wonder, are the writers of this script human? Who makes you cry one minute, and five seconds later, makes you cry, then drag an unforced smile to your face just one scene later? Your guess is as big as mine. Marvel Studios.

Have you been seeing the movies in MCU? If you have, you might want to do so again. You might be seeing one or two persons for the last time. I’m not saying who. Don’t ask me. #ThanosDemandsMySilence.

One thing I must say is that, Ragnarok isn’t the funniest movie in MCU. Infinity war is. Even Thanos made some really dark and funny jokes. And yes, he actually cried too. One of my favourite jokes I must confess was made by Star Lord. And fam, it was a joke about Jesus. I must mention though, Star Lord had a very delicate role to play in the movie, and he did just that. But who did that role favour? Get to the cinema.

One spoiler, Pepper Potts is Pregnant. And Iron Man in his dramatic way of always calling her before going on his superhero shenanigans did. And… Is he going to fall from the sky and be woken by Hulk’s roar? Or is he going to die as people have been suggesting? You’ll see for yourself.

One character the trailers didn’t showcase but actually had a very important role to play was Gamora. Interesting role I promise. And her role is going to bring a lot of tears, because it’s full of reunions. Happy ones. Sad ones. And reunions.

Thanos’ children, the black order, were just so coordinated. Ebony Maw(the magician) alone would unseat Killmonger as the greatest MCU villain. Now think about all of them.

Apart from the humour. The action (that was in almost every scene), the heroics, one thing I must mention is that, as interesting as this movie was, it was darker than any DCEU movie ever made. Even Batman would think twice.

Having said all of that, let’s conclude before we begin to give spoilers on Starlord’s folly. There’s going to be one post credit scene. And you have to be really really patient this time around. The post credits featured Nick Fury sending an SOS to Captain Marvel just before the end. Ant man was absent, a sentence was dedicated to Barton, and there was a lot of very great action on Wakandan and Titan soil. But the first action happened with Asgardians.




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Avengers infinity war spoiler free review — Princely X [REVIEW]

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