Popcorn BY Chioma Ibegbunam [POEM]

Popcorn BY Chioma Ibegbunam

Right now,

I am in a place that cuddles my soul,
A place in the wrap of skin, with fragrance like peace.

I am warm with the assurance of a better tomorrow floating in my dreams.

I smile in my sleep, because i understand the fold of body with palms placed between thighs.

I understand that night is a language guiding my mind to wait, to hold a pillow, sigh and droll in letters of sleep.

I understand love,
I understand touch,
I understand the chilly weather,
I understand the duvet.

What I want know is the definition of your breath soaking my face like rain, moist with your smell,
Making rainbows each morning with the colours of our skin.

So I will wait,
I will dream,
I will sleep,
And i will awake,
With your name on my lips and hope bent on both my knees.

Shutting my eyes in faith,
Locking my palms in grace,
Bold, sure, ready, pure,
To be the one and only you’ve been searching for.

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Popcorn BY Chioma Ibegbunam [POEM]

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