How to Pack for Air Travel

Don’t we all love to travel? The beauty of visiting new places is mind-blowing. If you are a regular traveller, you’d understand that every trip comes with a new experience. And thanks to air transportation, long distances have been cut short by many miles, making you arrive at your destination faster.

over-pack for Air Travel

Packing can be a hard nut to crack while travelling. If you throw caution to the wind, improper packing could ruin your trip especially when you are on long-distance flights from Lagos to New York. You didn’t make all those arrangements to suffer inconvenience, did you?

Here are 4 tips on how to pack for a stress-free air travel

1. Take only needed items

There’s always the temptation to pack more than you need when travelling. In the excitement of going to a new place, you stuff your bag with items that you ordinarily wouldn’t make use of. The fewer your items, the better, as you’ll have a lighter luggage to easily move around with. Struggling with a heavy luggage is going to stress you out.

2. Easy footwear

Seating on a particular spot can be tiring. Having your legs stuck in a tight footwear is like adding salt to injury. Allow your legs the freedom of fresh air to prevent in-flight swelling. You should be able to move your legs freely without the obstructions of tight shoes. If you are taking flights from Lagos to New York, a simple easy-to-remove footwear is just perfect due to the long distance.

3. Important documents

A pile of documents may be the last thing on your mind when you have a fun destination to go to, but those papers are just as important. By all means, ensure that you carry your passport, local ID, boarding pass and passport photos among others. You should be able to identify yourself if the need arises. Not having proper identification in a strange land makes you vulnerable, and exposes you to dangers.

4. Entertainment

Being all by yourself on an aeroplane can be very boring, and woe betide you if sleep refuses to come. Granted, some airlines make provision for seat back entertainment, but others don’t. You can save yourself from the trouble of boredom by ensuring that you have some entertainment on the flight. Carry along a portable device to either watch movies or listen to some good music. Create your own fun!
Air travel can be so much fun if you do your ‘homework’ and not leave anything to chance. When next you book flights from Lagos to New York, show up prepared, and fly like the boss that you are.

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How to Pack for Air Travel

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